Fruit preserves
With added grape sugar

100% fruit spread and no sugar added. In our organic preserves, fruit fully emanates its sweetening power, synthesized by the sunlight and the nourishments of our Marche land.
Organic fruit, the synthesis of taste.

Fruit preserves

Balanced by the tasty freshness of the lemon, the genuine fruit sweetness finds its expression in our organic preserves.
Perfect for having breakfast or snack, our jams and marmalades can also accompany main courses, especially when fruit is accompanied by spices or other fruits, such as ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and chili pepper. The palate tastes new sensations with mixed fruit jorganic preserves variety, where different flavors easily merge together.
Fruit, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, if necessary, and no gluten.


Perfect for having breakfast or snack, our marmalades can also accompany second courses, especially when fruit marries with spices. Organic fruit, organic cane sugar and no gluten.

Fruit in syrup

When the organic cane sugar gets dissolved in water, it becomes syrup, where juicy halves of sorted and hand-cut fruit get dipped.
The sour taste of the fruit is skillfully balanced by the sweetness of the preserve solution, a balance of flavors to enjoy alone or by adding our fruit in syrup to other preparations, such as ice cream, whipped cream, fruit salad, or as garnish for homemade cakes or tarts.

Fruit juices

Fruit purée, water, organic cane sugar and organic lemon juice. These are the ingredients of our fruit juices, vitamin concentrates, trace elements and beneficial properties for our body.
Perfect for a hearty breakfast or for refreshing an afternoon snack.
Fruit to drink.

Vegetables in oil and preserves

The vegetables from our fields and garden make traditional dishes excellent, that taste of home. Just organic vegetables, organic extra virgin olive oil and salt. Preservative-free, like the flavors of the past. The artichoke preserved in oil is our forte, well known for its digestive properties. The artichokes we pick are local selected ecotypes, named Mazzaferrata, Montelupone and Jesino. An ancient memory of our lands preserved in our precious liquid gold: oil.
Our tomato purees and sauces, seasoned by the bond between sun and land, are ready to be cooked or to enrich tasty cold dishes.


On the slopes of the hills exposed to winds, our vineyard rows flow, designed to better capture every sunlight. Sun and wind are positive natural forces for the bunches healthiness and quality. The local vine variety, both white and red grapes, are cultivated following the rigorous principles of respect for the harmony between land and crop. The accurate selection of the most generous vine varieties, the bunches that will turn into wine, and the harvest period which best expresses all the organoleptic features of the grape, will result in the highest quality of the wine that will be obtained.

Extra virgin olive oil

In the hills of the province of Macerata, we harvest by hand the olives which later will produce our fragrant oil, with an aromatic and fruity taste, good at bringing out the taste of the food without overcoming it. The olives are harvested before their ripening, to guarantee freshness, quality and to enhance their organoleptic characteristics.
An oil rich in antioxidant, an elixir of health for our body.