San Michele Arcangelo, organic farming

In the scented and beutiful hills between Corridonia and Monte San Giusto, in the province of Macerata, San Michele Arcangelo keeps growing since 2007, taking care of the fruit of its land with the passion for genuineness. Forty-eight hectares of aromatic clumps extend around the village, cultivated as they did in the past but with a young wish for the future, offering a beautiful view of their suggestive colors changing from season to season. A wide variety of products are grown in this landscape with deep knowledge and love for the organic: from grapevines to olive trees, from fruit to vegetable and more.
Besides the sale of fresh products, the production chain terminates when a part of the harvest gets manually worked in the internal laboratory, so to become a homemade product bearing the organic certification I.C.E.A.
Procedures based on traditional methods and appropriate timescales for the greatest attention to each detail. Good things are worth the wait.

Internal laboratory, low-temperature processing under vacuum-seal

Capable hands work carefully the fruit of our land, processing them into organically certified products. Our internal laboratory is a living organism, constantly increasing and evolving. It is characterized by low-temperature processing under vacuum-seal that preserves intact the nutritional and healthy properties of each single product. The cooking temperature never exceeds 85° C, allowing to retain flavors, colors and consistencies.
Fruit preserves sweetened only with organic fruit; gluten free jams and marmalades with organic cane sugar and organic lemon juice; fruit in syrup made with organic cane sugar solution; organic fruit juices, vegetables preserved in our organic extra virgin olive oil, organic and preservative-free tomato purees and sauces.

Social commitment

San Michele Arcangelo’s activity has its roots in social commitment, providing disadvantaged people from educational and therapeutic programs the opportunity for reorientation.
The excellence of our harvested and processed products is the result of the labor experienced in a positive and harmonious location where our young workers cooperate with professionals. The love for life and the love for nature blend together in a virtuous reality.
Land welcomes the man, work ennobles him, community makes him a better person.